About Jonathon


November 13th 2008 003


I like pictures….lots and lots of pictures.  I like to look at them, savour them, but most of all I like to take them.  I started casually, taking pictures as a youth….they were terrible, but I loved them.  Those pictures were a reflection of the moment.

Now, many cameras and thousands upon thousands of images later, it’s still about the moment.

Capturing the Romance

The excitement, drama, romance and new beginnings of weddings are a passion for me.  I love being part of it all, from the engagement pictures, the detailed wedding day preparations to the first dance.  And then, seeing all of that emotion, captured in my images is amazing.


November 9-2014 044Capturing the Game

Understanding the game, anticipating the next move, having the right equipment and a hair-trigger reflex are all part of my success as a sports photographer.  The instant the puck crosses the line, the elation of victory, the agony of defeat, the intensity of the drive towards home plate. You’ll see it all in my pictures.   From little folks to professionals, saving that moment in pictures is what keeps me shooting and editing long after the crowds have gone home.


Capturing the Art

From Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne and Selina Gomez to  the Four Tenors and Cirque du Soleil, it’s been my pleasure to take pictures of the best of the best in performance.  I also enjoy the creative process of promotional shots for new artists. For me, it’s about finding that fresh image  that captures their individual style.


Capturing Commerce

Commercial shots that convey the warmth and comfort of a new home, the essence of a business through portraits or the desirability of a new product round out my photography portfolio.


Ordinary people do extraordinary things and  extraordinary people enjoy  the ordinary.  It’s my fascinating world.